Sunday, July 29, 2012

Easy Delicious Lunch and Snack Suggestions That Are Under 200 Calories

My new favorite food item of the week. This yummy Pita is 60 calories per piece, and filled with fiber and all sorts of healthy nutrients you can't buy in a bottle. Tastes great, too!

One Pita Bread
4 Slices Turkey Breast
1 Slice Muenster Cheese (or your favorite type)
Handful of Spinach Leaves
2 Slices Tomato

Roll this up and add a piece of fruit and you are good to go!

All the food groups in just under 200 calories! 

Try this snack in a hurry to keep you filled up for awhile: 135 Calories and Low Fat 

BBQ Flavor Popchips + 1 Slice Laughing Cow Cheese

If you can't find the individual bags of chips, divide a large "share" bag into 3 plastic baggies (about 23 chips each).


  1. Allison this pita bread looks amazing, I need to buy it ASAP to keep in my apartment all year round! Where can I buy it? xx

  2. Casey, Stop and Shop, by the deli counter! xo

  3. your suggestions are amazing. i will be heading to the grocery store shortly.

  4. These foods are very healthy this is whatI eat when i have lunch, and its less calories and better for you and it taste great. Rosie M

  5. This would be great to bring to school! quick and easy. -Nadia A.

  6. I enjoy making wraps and this would be perfect to bring to school or work easy on budget and quick to make most importantly its healthy. Melanie V Nutrition 109

  7. This looks like a great quick and easy snack to make. Looks very good and it would really help me out when i just need a quick bite to eat before i go to work or school. Steven P Giamundo

  8. This looks like a really good snack to eat on my way to class. Since I started taking the nutrition 101 class I have constantly been looking for ways to make quick, healthy, meals or snacks such as this one and the great part about it is that it contains all the food groups. I am going to give this one a try. -Stephen Rivera

  9. this is great I've been having trouble trying to eat healthy on campus. I've been eating Nature Valley Fruit and Nut Trail Mix but I'm staying to get tired of it. Thanks for the ideas.