Monday, August 27, 2012

How Are You Coping With Airport Food During This Busy Travel Season?

Greek Isle Crumbled Fat Free Feta Cheese Cup - 24 oz. - Cheese (Google Affiliate Ad)Yesterday I was rushing through the Detroit Airport and it happened to be dinner time. I was starving and knew that I would not be able to get something to eat on the plane so I scoped out the airport to see what I could find.  I found a place that I do not think is on the East Coast, National Coney Island. It sounds just like what it is, a place with all sorts of hotdogs that are piled high with more fat and grease than you can imagine. To my surprise I found some great, healthy food items on the menu.

I loved this choice (as most of you know I am a Greek Salad Junkie) and could also have had a famous Greek Salad Sandwich wrapped in Pita Bread as well, with or without grilled chicken.  This great find was less than 400 calories and included a side of delicious Greek salad dressing AND Tzatziki Sauce (plain yogurt, dill, lemon juice, and garlic mixed together..VERY LOW IN CALORIES).

So, imagine my surprise when the person sitting next to me ordered this........

This was a plate of two hotdogs smothered in cheese and a "special" hamburger chili on top. MMMmmmmmm good.....NOT!  This "tasty" meal with the fries and a super duper extra large soda, was probably close to 2000 calories.  Here's a better look.

Were we really in the same Restaurant?  I thanked him for letting me take the picture.

Here are some tips while trying to eat healthy in the airport:

TIP: Try to plan ahead and bring your own snacks and meals to eat.  If you cannot do that then look to see what eateries are available in the airport. Almost always you can find yogurt and fresh fruit to buy, or you can eat at one of the restaurants if you feel you need a bigger meal. Check out the menus carefully before you make your pick. Keep it simple, a turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato, green salad with some lean protein (stay away from the add-ons like cheese and nuts).  I was able to get a great low calorie "Surprise" At National Coney Island.

TIP: If you cannot bring your own food (snacks and meals) check out what is available at the airport, online, before you get there. The element of planning can never be downplayed!!

I hope everyone enjoys the last week of summer and that you get to eat some great healthy local foods wherever you are vacationing!

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  1. I agree aiport food is not good at all, i agree that when you go there try to find something healthy to eat instead of the junk they sell. Rosie M