Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Some Interesting observations at the FNCE (Food Nutrition Conference Expo) 2012

There is nothing like thousands of Registered Dietitians, many with advanced degrees browsing around an expo where there are hundreds of food vendors hawking their "healthy" products. Let's look at some interesting observations.

The Almond Board of California gave out this beautiful 1 ounce tin of Almonds (23 individual Almonds per 1 ounce) which is packed with vitamins, minerals and heart healthy fats but the calorie content officially "changed" in July from 160 calories per 1 oz serving to 130 calories. Hmmmm, interesteing, they did a study and found that the original count was off.

If you can eat JUST 1 OUNCE of ALMONDS (or 23) then go for it! If you are going to sneak a handful here and there throughout the day.....DONT KEEP ANY NUTS IN YOUR HOUSE!

This beautiful bag of dried apricots, (serving size 1 ounce=4 APRICOTS!) while they are delicious and the packaging is terrific, is 70 calories! 4 Apricots just doesn't cut it for me as a snack, so beware, as you are mindlessly eating dried fruit the calories will ADD UP!

There were so many bars, too many to name; health bars, energy bars, protein bars, breakfast bars, natural bars, but I found a PALEO BAR.  For those of you who are caught up in the paleo diet, (another day, another blog) that is hawked by the folks at CrossFit then there is a bar just for you! The full sized bar is "only" 200 calories, as a bar with just nuts and dried fruit would be.


 Hershey's was wonderful enough to give us a list of 100-Calorie Portions of their Chocolate...Thank You Hershey, but if you are going to have more than 4 KISSES....STAY AWAY!

A few other noteworthy booths with some great information included California Strawberries, Canadian Lentils and The Laughing Cow.

Remember to eat more fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy and LENTILS!!!

Thank you to my friend Madeleine Berg, www.Supernutritionist.com for taking such a beautiful pic of the lentils. A GREAT TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!



  1. This information is very helpful and i will definitely be passing this on to my best friend. She eats almost a small pack of almond per day which holds more than the 23 individual Almonds per 1 ounce. Thought it was ok because she was eating "healthy" and now we know it's not just about getting her grains and nuts in but portion and calorie intake.
    So now she will be updated about this and going to start consuming no more than 23 nice almonds for her :)
    J Ffrench 109

    1. So, yes, it's all about balance! Almonds can be a great snack, fill you up, provide you with fiber and other nutrients but it's one of those foods that can really add up in calories if you are not careful!

  2. i wouldn't even think for a second about the amount of calories that are in the apricots, i would ovelook it and just say it healthy to eat. i think 70 calories for 4 apricots is absolutely ridiculous. the packaging also have a lot to do with food selections and it looks bright and eye catching. this information is really helpful, i will definitely reconsider my nuts and dried fruit intake.

    1. That's why is so important to be mindful of what we are eating!

  3. I was unware of the nutritonal value this vegetable gives to your body. I will now plan my diet with this vegetable in mind. Where I am from, (Jamaica) I ate Calaloo. The same greeny, leafy vegetable as KALE as my sort of iron. Welcome KALE! YOU HAVE FOUND A NEW FRIEND. I was under the impression that, it only gives iron. Information is power! I can now pass this information on to my daughter who refuses to eat vegetables.

    1. Novia, hopefully she will eat some Kale, it's a start. Try the Kale chips:)