Sunday, November 18, 2012

Will You Be Stuffed on Thanksgiving???

It is not necessary!!!!  Just a few brief guidelines and I PROMISE you won't be STUFFED!!!

1. Bring a dish of food for your host. No one is going to mind!!! What a lovely gesture! Just some grilled veggies or a giant crudite platter will be helpful to keep you (and others) on track.

2. You know what the deal will be on Thanksgiving. You have been there, done that, so plan ahead. Are you desperate to eat Aunt Elaine's Cranberry Apple Crisp? Must you absolutely have a Pillsbury Crescent Roll?  Whatever your faves are, plan ahead to have some and strategize.

3. USE A SMALL PLATE!! Don't use a dinner plate. Take your pics and portion out on a small plate.

4. Fill half your plate with veggies/salad. Not creamy, cheesey veggies, but anything that looks closer to steamed or sauteed. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE....ASK!!!  No one will care if you ask your hostess about the prep or ingredients of a dish!!

5. If alcohol is on the menu and you must have a drink, plan on having ONE.  Drink it slowly. Drink a lot of water.

6. Do not position yourself near the buffet, or the Hor D'Ouerves.

7. Talk a lot! 

8. PLEASE WAIT 20 MINUTES BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO GO BACK FOR SECONDS!  It takes your brain that long to register that the food you ate reached your stomach and are not hungry anymore.

9. Please eat a healthy breakfast and a light lunch before you go to your Tgiving Celebration.

10. Make sure you exercise the day before, the day OF and the day after!!

11. Finally, when you are sure that you have let enough time pass, take a bowl of fruit and a small small piece of ONE dessert.  REMEMBER, THOSE BITES ADD UP!!!


CAN YOU SMELL THAT?????  There is Sweet Potato Pie underneath

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