Saturday, December 1, 2012

Color: Healthy & Stylish

Color: Healthy & Stylish

Color: Healthy & Stylish by allidebra featuring madison harding

Color is a beautiful thing, whether it be in your wardrobe or on your plate! Nutritionally speaking, if you try to eat a colorful  assortment of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis you will ensure yourself a healthy intake of almost all your vitamins and minerals.  Add a few seeds and nuts (not too much!!), lean protein, lowfat dairy and and some whole grains and you are good to go!  Check out the website to get an individualized food plan just for you!

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  1. Thanks for your advice, just as fashions plays a priority in my daily life, i would try and also include that in my diets. I know its not easy to just try something you haven't had before and i did so the other day. For the first time i had Pomegranate and it was so bitter i refused to finish it, until i was told to only suck on the seeds. Then i eat my piece with satisfaction. I was only disappointed about the stains that it makes, but i realized who cares about stains as compared to the nutritional benefits that are derived from the fruit. Once again, thanks so much for your advice. i look forward to healthy nutritional meals....(Wilhelmina NUT 109)

    1. So glad that you tried something new, and a very daring fruit to try!! Its always good to try new things, even if they dont work out, maybe the next one will!